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About Podcast Guests

Can anyone be a podcast guest?

Anyone who is comfortable speaking on specific and relevant topic has the potential to be become a podcast guest. Entrepreneurs and industry experts, public speakers, researchers and even hobbyists can all potentially be a podcast guest.

Note however that not everyone is familiar with the world of podcasting. There is a difference between wanting to be featured on a podcast and being a good speaker. The guest can make or break your episode.

Be sure to do some research on the speaker and their experience before agreeing to them joining you. If the speaker isn’t very experienced with podcasts it is wise to do a run through before the time to ensure they are comfortable and know what to do.

What are the benefits of podcast guests?

A podcast guest can uplift your episode by bringing valuable content that your audience is looking for. Your listeners will be interested to hear other views and opinions on a topic you regularly discuss, or to hear an expert opinion of something relevant to your podcast. 

Guest podcasting can bring increased exposure and help you grow your followers as you will reach a new group of individuals. Certain people might only listen to your podcast because of the featured guest, but remain loyal listeners afterwards.

Including a high profile guest on your podcast will also help to grow your credibility and build trust. Your existing listeners may view you in a better light knowing you are connected with industry celebs.

What makes a good podcast guest?

Good podcast guests don’t only answer questions, but tell stories.

A good podcast guest should get to know your podcast and audience before joining the show in order to stay relevant and appeal to the audience. Try to find a guest that is interested in the topics you usually discuss and in enthusiastic about your industry.

Podcast guests should engage with the host as well as the listeners instead of just giving a speech. Listen to previous podcast that this individual has been a guest on, or other speeches they have given to get an idea of how engaging the person is.

A great podcast guest will also something back to your listeners – something that is valuable to them – rather than only promoting their own agenda. Podcast guests are expected to speak about themselves and promote their services and events as well, but this shouldn’t be all that it is about.

An extra benefit is a guest willing to promote the podcast on their own platforms. Both the host and guest should benefit from this collaboration and want to grow the listeners.