Rebecca Singleton

The Unexpected Guest Podcast brings the listeners first hand stories of addiction, perpetration of violence, crime, racism and all things taboo that many consider immoral. The Podcast aims to challenge the listener's view of morality, and will push them to consider whether people (the guests) can change, and whether they should be defined by more than just their past actions.
A few things to consider to decide whether we are the right fit for each other :
  • Our perfect guest is someone who is a great storyteller and who is willing to discuss the most intimate and dark parts of their life.
  • The podcast provides narrative/storytelling content (not interview style), so the listener will feel as though they are in the room with you listening to your story. If you are unfamiliar with narrative style podcasts, please take a look at This is Actually Happening or Ear Hustle to get an idea of what may be expected.
  • There are no fees associated and no monetary compensation for coming on the podcast. However, I am more than happy to provide details to the listeners to promote your business/content etc on our social media pages, during the episode, and in the episode notes.
  • The podcast will be recorded remotely (over Riverside.FM). Guests will need a microphone and headphone.

Our audience are people who want to hear about the darker sides of our guests lives and experiences.

Remote or face-to-face interviews