How and why to repurpose podcast content?

AnchorGuest - How and why to repurpose podcast content?

Written by AnchorGuest

12 Jan 2021

We saw a painstakingly sluggish growth trend in the podcasting industry for many years. Podcasting is now on everybody’s lips and almost all shortlists for recommended online marketing mix. The relevance of podcasting can no longer be ignored. 

Original content 

Podcasting is now a definite role player in terms of businesses’ multimedia marketing strategies. Having a podcast alongside a website and blog associated with a brand is yet another link in the marketing chain. In-depth content is created to establish the brand as an expert in that particular field. 

The challenge of starting and producing a podcast becomes extremely rewarding as soon as that personal connection is made between the host and the audience. The podcaster gets to know his/her strengths, the hardware, software, his/her audience, and their expectations. 

It definitely takes time to create and produce valuable, long-lasting content. Considering the energy invested to get a podcast on the air, an innovative follow-up move is to repurpose the podcast content.  

Repurposed content

Small bits and pieces of content are perfect for the “distracted consumer” whose attention is drifting in search of respectable information in a sea of content. Millions of users are actively browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest daily in search of meaningful content. These platforms offer more than just a timeline where content is shared. They are becoming noteworthy networking directories where all businesses’ need to be to attain successful visibility. 

Why should you repurpose your podcast content?

The short answer to this question; since you already have the content, why not recycle it across other platforms to maximize results in terms of reaching a broader audience? 

A substantial amount of information found in podcasts can be used in small quantities. These bits and pieces can be used at the top of the funnel acting as bait to get the attention of the consumer. If skilfully used, it takes the consumer on a journey down the funnel towards the podcast where the actual treasure is held in reserve.

How can you repurpose podcast content?

These are a few ways in which your podcast content can be reused to mention only a few:

  • Create fun memes and picture posts to share on other platforms. 
  • Make a transcript of the entire podcast for platforms like Scribd.
  • Write a single or series of blogs/emails discussing the content.
  • Write an e-book. 
  • Host a live “Q & A” session on Facebook, Instagram, or another platform discussing the content.  
  • Create infographics or free downloads. 
  • Hook up with other podcasters through networking websites to appear as a guest speaker to discuss your unique view.

Needless to say, integrating a podcast into your marketing strategy is the way to go. The spinoff you get from repurposed content have the capacity to expand your footprint in all major online arenas. Diverse audiences are exposed to the same content in different formats and complexities, ultimately pointing back to the source of the content – your podcast. 

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