How to Land a Podcast Guest Gig

Written by AnchorGuest

1 Dec 2020

Speaking as a guest on a popular podcast is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to gain exposure, however these opportunities don’t just fall into your lap. So how do you get invited to be a podcast guest? Read on for the answers!

What are the benefits of being a podcast guest?

The benefits of being a guest on a podcast, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, are endless, Here are just a few:

  • Gain exposure with an engaged and interested audience
  • Grow your community and online following
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Create quality content for your online channels
  • Create personal connections

Finding & connecting with podcast hosts

How do I connect with podcast hosts? There are various ways to get the attention of podcasters and campaign for a spot on their show, some more effective than others.

Mutual connections

First prize is to have a mutual connection who can introduce you, but this is seldom possible for those new to the podcasting scene. There are various companies offering podcast booking services in which the company acts as the “mutual friend” and works to get you booked on podcasts, for a small fee.

Podcast directories

Online podcast directories allow both podcast guests and podcast hosts to create online profiles, and connect with one another. Some of these directories will charge a small fee, while others may be free.

Podcast directories take away the hassle of trying to find the correct contact details for podcasters as they allow you to connect directly on the platform. Using a directory will also give you more insight into which podcasters are open to being contacted, saving you time.

Reaching out online

If you decide to do it on your own, start by reaching out to smaller podcast hosts with similar interest through social media platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram. You can connect with and message podcasters asking to get together to discuss ideas, or go straight to the point and ask for a spot on their show.

Working on your pitch

No matter how you are introduced to or connect with your desired podcast host you will need to be able to sell yourself to land a guest spot on their show. Be sure to have your sales pitch ready and know what you bring to the table before reaching out.

Whether you are reaching out via email, LinkedIn, or through a podcast directory, the first message that you send will make or break the relationship going forward. Here’s what to include in your initial communication.

  1. Being a guest requires you to bring some sort of value to the podcast. Introduce yourself and be sure to highlight the value that you will bring without being too pushy. Tell the host what you would like to talk about on his/her show.
  2. Know the podcast’s usual content and topics and mention how what you have to say is relevant to that podcast, and how it will be of interest to the listeners.

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