How to stay authentic in the podcasting industry


Written by AnchorGuest

8 Dec 2020

We have seen a huge rise in the number of podcasts available to listeners all around the world. Competition is fierce and only the most authentic podcasts will survive.

The authenticity of a podcast is determined by two major factors; the genuineness of the podcast host as well as the legitimacy of the content. Both of these ingredients are equally important and one is fully dependent on the other. No podcast will ever survive the pressures of the industry if either one is not 100% real. 

Words synonymous with authentic include true, reliable, dependable, faithful, trustworthy, accurate, genuine, verifiable, and realistic. Being authentic is having an indisputable foundation; it cannot be false, copied, or counterfeit. Stop for a moment to think about it. If authenticity is the deal-breaker in the success of a podcast, you HAVE to portray the true you with a topic that is equally real.

Be an authentic host/podcaster

To be noted as authentic in real life, there has to be concurrence between what you think, feel, do, say, and mean. If not, you could be viewed as pseudo or an imitator. As soon as you go on air, your true character shines. That is why it is so important to talk about a subject matter you feel passionate about. Your focus should be on something of interest to you or else you would not radiate the vibes that are needed to ignite the fire in your audience. Trust us, fire is needed for your audience to become engaged, stay engaged, and grow into raving promoters.

Create authentic content

Now that you have committed to create and present content as authentic as you are, you are halfway there! Your content cannot be fake, it cannot be counterfeit or borrowed and it can absolutely not be false.

“There’s no such thing as a new idea!” This quote by Mark Twain is true in many respects. Content is a bit like fashion – trends come and go. To stay true to current affairs, you have to allow tendencies to inspire you to make the most of something already making the round. But you need to give it your personal twist to keep it exclusive.

Your unique view, your character, environment, background, and perspective is what makes YOUR content inimitable. A person’s creativity soars when in his element – once again, confirming the importance to stay true to yourself. Only you can deliver your content the way you do. Copied content will never really make you fly. You have to trust your instinct and have faith in your ability to be authentically you!

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