The History of Podcasting and its bright future beyond 2020

Written by AnchorGuest

8 Dec 2020

We can hardly write a book about the history of podcasting. It is short and sweet without a doubt. In fact, the olden times drip with sweetness as it is laden with big names, big brands, and even bigger promises for the future.

The history of podcasting is a mere twenty years old. Back in the early 2000s, it started on the internet as audio-blogging. The term podcasting was introduced in 2004 and the word podcast was acknowledged by the New Oxford American Dictionary as the word of the year for 2005.

Names like Adam Curry and Dave Winer, Steve Jobs, Ben Hammersley, George W. Bush, Ricky Gervais, the Apple brand, and the iPod are all associated with the early days of podcasting. The full history of the industry is available on various websites all over the internet so we will skip this part and fast forward to 2020 and beyond. 

These days we are hearing names like Luminary, Spotify, Anchor, MatchMaker, We Edit Podcasts, AnchorGuest, Joe Rogan and The Daily to mention only a few well-known names in the industry. We hear about multimillion dollar buy-outs and acquisitions of supporting production companies. All this in the race to be the first to simplify an all-inclusive podcasting experience.

So, is podcasting the next big thing? Who is involved, where and when is it taking place, and why is it important to get on the bandwagon NOW? We say yes! The podcasting industry is the next big thing and we are on the road to achieving great things with audio.

What happened as of 2018 in the podcasting industry?

Just looking at the statistics from 2018 until the end of 2020, we see a boom in the number of podcasts made available. The number of shows “on-air” increased from about half a million in 2018 to a whopping one and a half million in November 2020. This data alone shows a huge rise in opportunity in the podcasting trade. With consistent momentum, we could easily see more than two and a half million podcasts in 2022!

Who is involved in the podcasting industry?

The payers in the field include the podcasters themselves, content creators, producers, hosting companies, advertising companies, listing and directory companies, hardware technology companies, and most importantly; the good old (err… rather youngish) audiences. There is a place for EVERYONE in the industry and the opportunity is growing by the day.

The podcaster/host or “front line worker” acts as the hook and the bait in the industry. This is the person or voice that connects to the audience. All other role players are only a means to the end – and that is to satisfy a hungry audience looking for good quality, educational, and life-enhancing content that is available at beg and call. 

Reaching and growing audiences remains the main objective of the podcasting industry. Without an audience, the amount of work invested in productions will be worthless.

Merging and expanding on existing audiences from different backgrounds is becoming a very successful strategy. Directories where podcasters can find guest speakers and vice versa are becoming extremely popular for this purpose.

Where is the action taking place?

Right here, right now in 2020, the world changed forever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In that quiet moment when the world seemed to have come to a standstill, the online world still had a voice.

This event alone created a massive growth opportunity for podcasting. Amid a time when social distancing initially isolated us, many consumers found a podcaster they connected to. Whether at home, in the car, the gym, running a mile, working or playing, listeners tuned into podcast shows.

There is no better time than NOW to get into the industry and reap the benefits it has to offer.

Why should you jump onto the podcasting bandwagon NOW?

The ever increasing demand to multitask drives the rise of audio use right now. Add access to technology accompanied by improved internet connectivity and you have the bomb that was bigger than a pandemic!

This is indeed the time to establish strong connections that will outlast many challenges. Whether in the front line or behind the scenes, bringing your expertise to the podcasting industry will certainly benefit you.

How is podcasting changing our world?

At the beginning of the podcasting era podcasting was reserved for the tech experts out there. Today the landscape looks much different from twenty years ago. There is not a single field of interest that has not been talked about. Genre is as diverse as it can get and it is growing at a very good pace. It allows us to remotely connect with a real person, a brand, a voice that does everything from storytelling to promotions, sharing news and discussing current affairs, doing product and service reviews, and sharing valuable information and educational lessons.

What can we expect in the future?

Terms and items like speech recognition and smart speakers are mentioned by experts in the field. There are talks of more progressive directories, superior subscription options, ferocious competition, higher quality production, bigger variety, new live streaming opportunities, and much more. 

Are you hearing the opportunity?

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